Wedding at Riverside on the Potomac

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The last wedding I videotaped in 2015 was very special for me as the bride was the daughter of another bride whose wedding video I shot a few years ago. They are a lovely family and I was happy to be with them again on another happy occasion.
Check out the recap of this gorgeous wedding video – thanks to the beautiful subjects!

The mother of the bride had this to say about her, and her daughter’s wedding videos:

In 2010, I was getting ready for my second marriage. I thought short, sweet, simple. It was all about fun, family, and friends. I never considered having a video made of that special day-it was the second time around. I ended up reaching out to Jessica because my future father in law was declining in health and wasn’t going to be able to travel… Read More Here!

The backdrop for the wedding wasn’t too shabby either. I really loved working at Riverside on the Potomac in Leesburg, Va. It was a great venue and, like the bridal party, gave me too many beautiful shots to include. Fortunately, this couple hired an amazing photographer to capture many more beautiful wedding photos. And what’s more, she was wonderful to work with. Check out the beautiful wedding photos below, shot by Shauna Ploeger of Photography Du Jour and then check out her website!Photography Du Jour

Photography Du Jour

Photography Du Jour

Photography Du Jour

2015 was filled with love and happiness and it was my great pleasure to capture those moments on video. I look forward to being at many more joyous events in 2016 to record and commemorate the most important moments.

Wedding Video from Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, VA

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For those of you who don’t remember, my reception was at Stonewall Golf Club. I was super happy and have a lot of great memories (and photos and video!) from my wedding day, so I was excited to get booked to videotape a wedding ceremony and reception at Stonewall Golf Club, in Gainesville, VA, last Autumn. Autumn weddings in Northern Virginia are always gorgeous, and this one was no exception, as you can see from the beautiful foliage that served as the background for their ceremony.

A wedding is always a happy occasion. One of the things that I love most about being a wedding videographer is that I am always surrounded by happy people having a great time with friends and family. You can see in the wedding video recap how this couple was surrounded by many loving, happy friends and family. And I know from experience that Stonewall Golf Club is a great venue to host everyone you want to share your wedding day with!

When the wedding day is over, and the photo album is on the shelf, a wedding video makes a fantastic keepsake. Not only can you see how gorgeous you looked, but you can hear your vows again, watch the long walk down the aisle, and see the glow of the sparklers as they burn down. Don’t neglect capturing all the sights AND sounds of your wedding day. In fact, you can hear this couple’s wedding vows, as well as a few unique and funny moments from the ceremony, in this short wedding ceremony video.

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Wedding Video at Rose Hill Manor in Leesburg, VA

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When the weather is beautiful, like it is during Spring and Autumn in particular, I long to head west. This past Fall, I was lucky enough to work at the beautiful Rose Hill Manor in Leesburg, VA. I was shooting a wedding video for the most wonderful bride and groom. Lauren and Bryce were a joy to work with. It was a gorgeous day, with a beautiful couple at a fantastic Northern Virginia wedding venue. As a wedding videographer, I couldn’t ask for more. Of course, it got better. Watch a recap of Lauren and Bryce’s wedding video and then read on to find out what could’ve possibly made this an even more awesome wedding day.

I usually have a great time at weddings, despite the fact that I am working very hard. I get along with people in general and, at weddings, of course, everyone is in a great mood. I seriously think this was the most fun I’ve had at a wedding that I was working at. Lauren and Bryce and their families were such fun, and the venue was gorgeous, but I had a really great time working with the photographers and wedding coordinator.

Joan Lynch, of Emma Elizabeth Events, is a fantastic wedding planner. Not only was she great to work with day of, she also sent out a detailed schedule for all the vendors in advance. For a wedding videographer, it’s always helpful to have advance notice of what to expect during the wedding day, as well as all the contact information I could possibly need.

Chris and Brandy, of Gronde Photography, were also great to work with. Wedding videographers and photographers have to work closely together. A lot of couples worry that we won’t get along. I’m not sure where this concern came from, because I have never had a problem getting along with professional photographers, but in this case, we really hit it off and had a great time working side by side.

The weather is warming up. Love is in the air. I am ready to pack up my camera gear and head west to create more beautiful wedding videos for more fabulous couples.

Wedding at Breaux Winery

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Towards the end of the 2014 wedding season, I was fortunate enough to work with two of my all time favorite wedding vendors – Genevieve Leiper and Lynn Ianizzi. The bride and groom were absolutely lovely people, as was the bridal party. It was a gorgeous day surrounded by happy, loving family and happy, awesome, talented vendors.

In addition to working with great people, I also got to spend all day at one of my favorite wineries. Sadly, I do not drink while on the job, but it was nice to see Breaux Winery, in Purcellville, VA, all decked out in its finest for the wedding celebration.

This pre-ceremony wedding video includes the getting ready footage, first look of the groom at his beautiful bride, photo session, the ketubah signing and bedekken.

Virginia is home to a lot of great wineries, and many of them offer their space for wedding ceremonies and receptions. In addition to the naturally beautiful setting, you know the wine will be good. I was happy to have the chance to spend this wedding day at Breaux Winery.

Lynn Ianizzi, of The Finer Points Event Planning, is always a pleasure to work with. I cannot stress enough how much less stress there is at weddings where there is a wedding planner. Lynn is so organized and professional and every wedding and event I have worked with her has run like clockwork.

Genevieve Leiper, and her associates, are always great to work with. You can clearly see her talent from the photos on her website, but she’s also just a lot of fun to spend the day with, for me and for the couple getting married.

Happy New Year to all the lovers out there – married, engaged, or just thinking about it. 2015 is going to be another year filled with beautiful locations, wonderful wedding vendors, and happy, loving couples. I hope to experience it with you.

Gobsmacking First Look

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These days, a lot of couples have thrown the traditional first glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle out the window, and opted to do that “first look” moment ahead of the ceremony. The advantage of this, of course, is that you can then spend loads of time with your photographer and videographer, getting all those great couple and group shots done before the party starts.

Whether that first look happens at the front of the aisle, or before the ceremony, it is great to have video of the moment, especially when the groom has a great reaction (he usually does!). Check out one fantastic reaction by watching this video.


What I love most about this part of the wedding video, of course, is Joe’s reaction. In truth, though most grooms are pretty excited when they first see their brides, I don’t normally hear them say they’re “gobsmacked.” I love it. I think I will start saying that from now on.

Now, of course, Jennifer is a naturally beautiful woman, but at least part of Joe’s reaction at seeing his gorgeous bride can be attributed to her fantastic hair and makeup, put together by Bridal Artistry.

After their first look, Joe and Jen went on to have one of the most beautiful photo/video sessions I have ever shot, thanks in no small part to the many great locations at Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, VA. Check out this short video of the bride and groom’s photo/video session before the ceremony, that left them lots of time to enjoy the rest of their day after.

A lot of couples ask me what I do during the photo session and, as you can see from the above video, I do a lot. I capture all the great shots of you and your family for the video, just the way you would want the photographer to capture them for your photo album.

The first look and photo/video session are, of course, just a couple small moments from a very important day and, like the ceremony, they are great to have captured for all time on video. If you would like to learn more about why Jessica Pi Productions was voted the “Best Wedding Videographer in Virginia” by Northern Virginia Magazine, send Jessica an email or watch more videos here.

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Oatlands Wedding Day, Leesburg, VA

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I love when I hear back from the bride after she’s received and watched her wedding video. Here’s my most recent note.

“Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to let you know that we received the video yesterday and absolutely LOVE it!! You truly captured so many of the little moments throughout the day and just the overall atmosphere of everyone at the wedding :) I will probably watch it again tonight!

We are having a bunch of family over this weekend who couldn’t attend to watch the video and am sure they will absolutely love it as well.

Many thanks and wishing you all the best,


Jennifer and Joseph were married this past June at Oatlands in Leesburg, VA.  Here is a short recap from their wedding video.

In addition to working with a beautiful couple and their fantastic family and friends, I had the great privilege of working beside, or capturing the handiwork of, many great wedding vendors.

Of course, there was Oatlands Plantation itself, which is a gorgeous wedding venue.  I love the gardens and the views!

The day ran smoothly and was kept on schedule thanks to the efforts of one of the DC area’s best wedding planners, Aimee Hardenbergh of True Wedding Events.

Photographer Genevieve Leiper is always fun to work with, which is good as we seem to work together a lot.

The gorgeous bridal bouquets and all the flowers were provide by Bergerons Florist.

And the entire bridal party was beautiful, naturally beautiful, but they all did have a little help looking absolutely amazing by the hair and makeup artists of  Bridal Artistry.

It takes a village to have a fantastic wedding day. I know a lot of great wedding professionals and would be happy to recommend all of the above mentioned vendors, or any other services, to anyone looking to have the perfect Northern Virginia wedding.

Traditional Northern Virginia Wedding

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My first wedding of this year was on a crisp Spring afternoon in Northern Virginia.

Melissa and Michael got married at the church where they first met, and have both attended for years. The pastor knew the couple well and it was a very touching and personal church ceremony.  In addition to my pleasure at videotaping such a beautiful ceremony, I was happy to be working with a wonderful wedding planner. Felicia Owens-Smith, of Celebrations Made Simple, is everything you could want in an event planner. She is organized and on top of things, of course, but also very friendly and relaxed.  Any stress that might be happening with all that planning doesn’t show, which is what a couple getting married needs – a calm organizer!

I also got to work at a venue I hadn’t been to before. The 1767 Golf Club, in Dulles, VA, was really nice. The building was pretty and could accommodate a fairly large wedding group, which this was, and they had some nice little spots on the golf course for taking pictures and video.

The best part of being a wedding videographer is being able to meet couples who are in love and be with them on the day where they share that love with friends and family.   This couple had a lot of love, and a lot of friends and family to share it with.  And then I got to capture all that love on a wedding video!

Wedding at The Goodstone Inn

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I recently videotaped a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at The Goodstone Inn, in Middleburg, Va. The Goodstone Inn provides a gorgeous backdrop – not only for an outdoor ceremony and/or a reception in the carriage house, but also with the  rolling green hills, farm animals and barns that are great for the couple’s photo session.

In this wedding video recap, you can see some of the elements that made this a beautiful wedding. In addition to The Goodstone Inn, there was the gorgeous and happy couple, the cake, the flowers, and the horses!

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Outdoor Weddings

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I have been having a very busy summer, covering some truly beautiful weddings.  As a wedding videographer in the Northern Virginia area, I get to go to some absolutely gorgeous parties at some really phenomenal venues.  Lately, I have been spending a lot of time outdoors.

I do love outdoor weddings and ceremonies.  There’s space to move around, beautiful backdrops, fantastic lighting, and, so far (knock on wood), perfect weather – all provided by Mother Nature!

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Best of NoVA

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I am so excited and thankful to have been voted the “Best Wedding Videographer of 2014,” by readers of Northern Virginia Magazine.  It is such a great feeling knowing that, out of all the wonderful, professional videographers we have in this region, I received the most votes. I feel like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. Thank you for voting for me!

I have been a videographer for over 13 years now, but have been shooting wedding videos as Jessica Pi Productions for only ten years. Okay, so, I’m old.  Still, this was the first year Northern Virginia Magazine finally included videography in their wedding list (videographers get no respect!) and it is especially gratifying to have won this honor in the premiere year.

I also love the way the list only includes one vendor from each category. It makes it an easy guide to follow, but also makes the honor that much more special.  And man, there are some fantastic vendors listed in the other categories as well.  I haven’t worked with all of them, but I was thrilled to see some of my friends and wedding clients on the list, including:

Wedding Planner: Jennifer Arezzo, A New Leaf Leaf Wedding and Events

Catering: R & R Catering

Wedding Cake: Edibles Incredible

Florist: Karin’s Florist

I also highly recommend you pick up this month’s issue. In addition to the best wedding vendors, they list restaurants and doctors and shops. It’s a great guide to all the bests in NoVA.

I must say, this is my super busy season – which it is for all NoVa wedding vendors – so I have been terrible about keeping the blog and my videos up to date. However, you can read through some of this year’s blog posts to find out more about Jessica Pi Productions wedding videography services, or you can click here to see some wedding videos.  I am hard at work editing the videos I have shot so far this year, so hope to have more short videos posted soon.